Chatfor10 is a trial program, to see if it's something people want to use.

We're using WhatsApp for the trial, which limits the number of learners and volunteers we can have.

If the trial is successful, we'll look at building an app which will remove those limits and make for a much slicker experience.

Two young adults in cafe, texting

Chatfor10 is based on a few core pedagogical principles.

  • Practicing using your language to communicate is a crucial part of the language learning process.
  • Learning a language is like fitness training: it's best to do little bit every day.
  • The more authentic the language practice, the better.
  • Feedback on authentic language practice is incredibly valuable.

Chatfor10 is run by Neon King Kong.

Neon King Kong is a fledgling startup social enterprise.

Our mission is make it possible for everyone to learn a language, especially those who do not normally have the opportunity to do so.

Youth on rooftop, texting

Neon King Kong currently consists of one founder and some volunteer interns.

We are all students at the University of Queensland.

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