Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Chatfor10 called Chatfor10?

Because you chat for ten messages, sending text or audio messages. You’ll send 5 messages to your partner, and your partner will send 5 messages to you. After that, you start a new Chatfor10 with a new partner.

10 messages is not enough. I want to chat for longer. Can I?

Yes, you can extend your Chatfor10s by another 10 messages each time.

Is Chatfor10 an app?

No, Chatfor10 is not an app. We use WhatsApp for our Chatfor10s. Maybe we’ll build an app for Chatfor10 in the future.

How do I get paired with a Chatfor10 partner?

The staff at Neon King Kong will create a chat group within Whatsapp that contains, you, your partner, and a supervisor.

Chatfor10 is supposed to be for 10 messages, but usually it is a lot more that 10 messages. Why?

There’s a couple of reasons for this. First of all, when we say “10 messages”, we really mean “10 turns”. When it’s your turn to write a message, if you write 3 messages on that turn, it will only count as one message. When your partner replies to you, if they reply with 4 messages, it will still only count as one message. Also, error correction messages (starting with *) and off-topic messages (starting with @) don’t count towards the 10 messages.