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Connecting refugees to volunteers for convenient language practice

For Refugees


Practice on your phone

You can practice the language you are learning by sending text and audio messages on your phone or computer. Send just a message or two each day, whenever you have a spare moment. This gives you a little bit of practice each day… perfect!

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Practice with real people

You will be connected to a volunteer partner using a messaging app such as WhatsApp. They are busy people too, so they’ll reply once or twice a day, whenever they are not busy. They are not language teachers, but they will give you some feedback.

No dollars accepted

Practice for free

Your Chatfor10 partners are volunteers who want to help you be successful in your new country. You don’t have to pay for Chatfor10. All we ask is that you study hard and reply to your partners within three days.

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How it works

Connect with a partner -> Choose a topic -> Send ten message to each other -> Repeat Connect with a partner -> Choose a topic -> Send ten message to each other -> Repeat

1. After you’ve registered for Chatfor10, we connect you to a partner by creating a two-person chat group in a messaging app such as WhatsApp.

2. Then, you choose a conversation topic.

3. Then, you and your partner send 10 audio or text messages (5 messages each) to each other about that topic. Your partner also gives you some error corrections, if needed.

4. After the 10 messages are finished, you can choose to extend your Chatfor10 for another 10 messages, or switch to a new partner and start an new Chatfor10.

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We are a not-for-profit organisation and we take your privacy and online safety very seriously.

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For Volunteers

Convenient micro-volunteering

You can help refugees and asylum seekers settle into your community without needing to travel or commit a lot of time. Send just a few messages each day when you have a moment’s downtime, such as when you are waiting for the bus or having a coffee.

All welcome

You don’t need to be a qualified language teacher to help. All we ask is that you be really good at the language your refugee partners are learning and complete a short training program (approximately 1 hour).

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Make an impact, without it impacting your schedule or wallet.

Join our team and start your training. You could be messaging refugees tomorrow!

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